Family history from my tree to thee. This project is something that I am doing for myself. If you like it, then that makes me happy.

Click on a family page for written history, obituaries and photos. I have family tree structures, but can't upload PDF files to this site. I can send them to you, if you want. I can also send PDF files of obituaries.

Everything is a work in progress, including me.

My process: 1) scan. 2) toss or archive. 3) prepare for print and PDF documents. 4) prepare for this website for viewing. As I get time, I scan and prepare images. It's a process.

I welcome any insights, corrections, cheers, beers, or whatever you think I need to know.One thing for sure...if you have an elder who can tell you stories, listen and record. Don't think you'll remember it. You won't.

Okay. Thanks.

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